Cloud Strategy and design

Are you are planning a new cloud deployment?
Do you need to move from your data center, colo or managed hosting environment to a public, private, or hybrid cloud?


Assessing and selecting the right cloud provider is one of the most strategic decisions that you will undertake.

These are the questions you should be asking...


After the technical criteria concerning the feasibility and impact of moving workloads are identified, a broader set of business/economic and operational questions will arise:

  1. The primary question for many companies will be “public cloud” versus “private cloud". Will one offer the same scalability and flexibility as the other?

  2. What aspect of a cloud deployment should be managed internally or taken on by a managed cloud partner?

  3. What operational, cultural, service-level issues and risks will the client encounter as a result of a move, and what are the best ways to address and mitigate these?

  4. What are the total economic impacts and TCO implications of a move for specific applications or for a range of applications?

  5. Which cloud service provider or managed cloud partner offers the best SLAs, performance, risk profile, and cost benefits?

PUA is one of the few advisors that provides strategy for 'Applications Outsourcing or Insourcing' or 'Move to the cloud' that helps clients design optimal retained organisational IT functions and also 'Software Asset/license Management' services know as SAM. 


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