Strategic Sourcing, Benchmarking
& Market Analysis

PUA is one of the acclaimed sourcing companies in the market. We use our proprietary "USP" process utilising over 150 templates combined with the latest service provider insight resulting in finding the best services and value for money in the market.

Our outcomes based focus ensures we deliver against our client needs and achieve a commercial benefit  every time.

Typically in the 1st engagement PUA will bring all of the above together using a number of PUA Business Case Templates.


How We Deliver:

PUA applies a proprietary method that integrates the areas of strategy, procurement and implementation in one business case assessment.

  •  Stage 1
    Current State Assessment of the enterprise and interrelated core infrastructure across storage, server and desktop, voice and data networks, as well as applications and middleware

  • Stage 2
    Financial Assessment across operational, capital and staffing budgets. Business Value analysis and Application Portfolio Management approach. Accurate analysis of complex cost structures like telecommunications through proprietary PUA Bill Management software service

  • Stage 3
    Define ‘Future State’ operating models and technology options, including the development of infrastructure roadmaps that are best practice whilst reflecting the latest market conditions and vendor offerings

  • Stage 4
    Identify Business Case Opportunities that can be implemented within agreed commercial terms on a fixed fee or fee for success basis. PUA ensures strategic alignment with business needs and expected board and executive outcomes by delivering services this way


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