Telecommunications and Ip networks

Telecommunications and IP Network expertise has been at the core of PUA's business since it launched and remains a core competency for the business today. The pace of change within this market has resulted in PUA being able to significantly improve the services clients receive whilst at the same time significantly reducing costs, With new entrants entering the market and many services becoming commoditised the competition has never been greater.

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Telecommunications Sourcing:

Since our inception PUA has developed a highly structured approach to sourcing which we believe is unmatched in the industry. Our "USP" approach of "Understanding, Solutioning and Proposing" is supported by over 67 sub processes and 57 Pre Formatted Templates to ensure an objective approach to sourcing which combined with our Telecommunication SME Consultants can deliver the best solution for you.

Telecommunication Optimisation:

Even if an organisation has a few years to run on an existing contract a significant amount of money can be saved through optimising your current services.

With staff turnover and individual needs constantly changing it is no surprise that we find many services not required or simply not appropriate to the requirement. This results in you not getting the right service or the right prices.

In addition billing issues, for example incorrectly billing for the agreed services across large fleets of mobiles or landlines, highlights significant cost saving opportunities. We consistently find anywhere between 5-10% of Telecommunication costs can be saved through conducting an optimisation process.


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