Big Data Analytics

The fact is, big data is behind countless achievements in everything from science to commerce. Use it to find opportunities you may never even knew existed, and discover everything is possible. Literally!

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What it can mean for your business:

Almost every organisation has large volumes of data, so much so that often the value of the data has been lost due to the difficulty in making sense of the data. There is huge value in better understanding the data available to you about your own products and services, your costs, your markets, your revenue opportunities and your competitors. Unlocking this value and enabling the business to make fast and informed decisions, impacting its future performance rather than just reporting on its historical performance is key. The information unearthed can be used to effectively reduce costs or just as validly increasing revenues – either way driving profits up.

What really unearths the value of your data is putting the data into the hands of the business quickly and in a way that immediately shows the trends of the business through a combination of numbers and visualisations. Showing people what is actually driving the business in a meaningful way, providing them with insight and linking different data elements to provide it.

Once upon a time holding and processing large volumes of data was cost inhibitive and only available to large companies with significant investments in ICT infrastructure. Over the past 5 years emerging technologies have turned this on its head and the limitation is now more about the data available to you, your understanding of your business levers and your creativity. The ability to sort through massive amounts of data in real time is a reality for all now, and is vitally important to those organisations that are visionary and looking to exploit their potential.

Your effort should not go into collecting and collating data for days, sourcing it and bringing it together in a meaningful way. Your focus and efforts should be on what to do with that information to drive improvement of your business outcomes.

We at Profit Up Advisory are very experienced practitioners at bringing very large volumes of data together in real or near real time allowing you to focus on your business. We can help you establish your data strategy, select appropriate data storage and visualisation tools and work with your business units to understand what is important to your business. Our consultants have done this across a range of typical big data user industries such as Telcos, Airlines, Banks and Retail.


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